Nick grew up in Columbus, Ohio where he developed his love of all things outdoors. He is a lover of live music, reading and playing the piano. Today, traveling takes up most of his free time but he can’t hide his passion for all things fitness.

Nick pursued an Associates Degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Columbus State Community College and went on to study Health and Exercise Science at Regis University here in Denver.

Nick’s passion stems from seeing his progress throughout his fitness journey, and nothing makes him happier than inspiring others to meet their personal fitness goals.

“When people explain to me how happy they are with the results I have helped them achieve, it gives me a great deal of accomplishment and eagerness to continue teaching,” Nick says.

Personal Training is a positive and enlightening learning experience for both the trainee and trainer, and the physical benefits gained during your session is priceless.

Fitness doesn’t just start in the gym, Nick says. It begins in the kitchen.

“Nutrition plays such a large role in staying healthy. Many people think that the gym is the only place work takes place, but knowing your way around the kitchen is equally, if not more important, in achieving health-related goals.”

Nick’s Advice

“Trust the fitness process. Most people expect to see results right away. You must stick to your routine as you may not see results for up to four weeks or more after you start your fitness journey. If you put in the work and trust the process, the results will follow.”

Start your journey to a better you

Each trainer has a unique style and teaching method. While Nick loves the rewards of working with athletes and injury rehab cases, he enjoys working with everyone! And while he likes to focus on general fitness, he’s well rounded in all areas.

“Past clients have said that I tend to be very understanding and easy to work with. I’m easy going and love the opportunity to work with anybody who is willing to put forth the effort and desires the best results.”

Nick is teaching MX4 classes Monday, and Thursday nights at Matrix Fitness and Spa. Each level is broken down into a four-part system:  

  • Endurance
  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Power

Each of these divisions contains four exercises to help you gradually improve your stamina.

Are you ready to push yourself to the max with a specialist whose primary focus is you?