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Benefits of Group Fitness Classes Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Your physical and emotional health is of utmost importance and finding the time and motivation to get to the gym may sometimes be difficult. More -->
Gain Muscle and Lose Fat Gain Muscle Lose Fat

Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

If you're like many of us who spend time in the gym and stick to a strict weight training and cardio program, only to be disappointed with the results, there are a few things you should know. More -->
The Benefits of Xbike for Weight Loss Xbike for Weight Loss

The Benefits of Xbike for Weight Loss

The Matrix Xbike class is low-impact, high intensity, and the excitement you are looking for in a workout! Xbike is a great option for people of all ages and fitness levels looking to acheive their next level of fitness. More -->
Maintain a Consistently Healthy Weight Maintain a Healthy Weight

How to Stay at a Consistently Healthy Weight

Exercise is essential to a healthy and fit body. If your key reason for exercising is to keep your weight off, you may be engaging in moderate exercise and running, and that's a good thing. But if you suspect that you have been putting your body through strenuous exercise or running an extra five miles each week, your efforts may actually be counterproductive. More -->
Protect Your Body from Injuries Protect Your Body from Injuries

Protect Your Body from Injuries During Exercise

One of the most important elements of an exercise regimen, particularly for beginners, is taking steps to prevent physical injury. An injury from working out can not only put you in a great deal of pain but can also prevent you from exercising while it heals. Here are four of the best ways to avoid injuries while you're exercising. More -->
Three Ways Deep Tissue Massage Will Make You a Better Athlete Become a Better Athlete

Three Ways Deep Tissue Massage Will Make You a Better Athlete

Whether you spend a few hours at the gym each week or you're a professional athlete who works out for hours every day, deep tissue massage can give you benefits that will improve your performance while protecting you from injuries. More -->
Yoga vs. Pilates: Choosing the One That's Best for You Yoga or Pilates?

Yoga vs. Pilates: Choosing the One That's Best for You

While Yoga and Pilates are both fitness techniques that strengthen the body as well as the mind, there's a world of difference between the two. Let's learn more about them to see where the differences lie and pick out a routine that would best suit your regimen. More -->
10 Gym Etiquette Tip to Follow 10 Gym Etiquette Tips to Follow

10 Gym Etiquette Tips to Follow

Though you might not think of the gym as a place driven by fine manners, there are several behavioral rules you should be aware of whenever you walk into one. For the most part, these rules are based on courtesy to other gym members and respect for the equipment, and staff that make up your local gym. Here are ten of the top gym etiquette tips you must follow when you decide to get some exercise. More -->
80-Minute Massage 80-Minute Massage

An 80-Minute Massage is a Wonderful Thing

Many people think massage won't help unless you get them on a regular basis, but that is not true. While your schedule might not allow for regular massages, just one 80-minute massage can have a significant effect on your health. Here are five reasons why an 80-minute massage is great for your body and spirit. More -->
Spring Into Fitness! Spring Into Fitness!

Spring Into Fitness!

Spring is almost upon us. Now's the time for spring cleaning, shedding layers of heavy clothes and getting ready for the warmer weather. Spring is also a good time to recharge your workout routines and toss out unhealthy winter habits. Here are some fitness tips from personal trainers at Matrix Fitness & Spa to help you get in shape for spring. More -->
Hot Stone Massage; The ultimate hangover cure? Hangover Cure?

Hot Stone Massage; The ultimate hangover cure?

It's always a good time to adopt healthy habits, and perhaps you have fitness goals in mind. However, you might be aware that many people decide to exercise more, lose weight and be healthy but give up quickly after they start a new fitness routine. Responsibilities, lack of motivation and other factors mean they throw in the towel. More -->
Getting Into Shape Getting into Shape

Getting into Shape

It's always a good time to adopt healthy habits, and perhaps you have fitness goals in mind. However, you might be aware that many people decide to exercise more, lose weight and be healthy but give up quickly after they start a new fitness routine. Responsibilities, lack of motivation and other factors mean they throw in the towel. More -->
6 Benefits of Facials Benefits of Facials

6 Benefits of Professional Facials

Facials are probably the most common among all spa treatments. In fact, most regular spa visitors collectively agree that facials can leave your skin feeling relaxed and more radiant. But facials offer so much more than that. Below we identify some of the best benefits of facials. More -->
5 Belly Blasting Moves Belly Blasting

5 Belly-Blasting Moves

The quest for a toned tummy and sculpted abs is not an easy one. Here are five easy belly-blasting moves that will help. More -->
Get Back in Shape Get Back in Shape

How To Get Back In Shape

Getting back into your workout routine after a long break is difficult, to say the least. Whatever the reason for your hiatus, it's never a simple feat to jump back in full force. The good news is that it can be done. You just need to be smart about it. Here are four fail-proof tips for taking back control of your fitness. More -->
5 Tips for Sculpted Abs Sculpted Abs

5 Tips For Sculpted Abs

In a recent poll from Women's Health magazine, 62% of women said that they were embarrassed when it comes to their abs. So how can you get rid of that pudge around your tummy area? Here are five of the best exercise and lifestyle tips. More -->
Facial Benefits Facial Benefits

Health Benefits of Facials

Have you ever gotten a facial? Facials are delectable and unbelievable relaxing. But facials do more than just help you relax or get rid of your blackheads. The most obvious benefit of getting a facials is it improves the health of your skin. More -->
Massage Anatomy Massage Anatomy

Anatomy of a Massage Session

When you first arrive for your massage, you will be asked to fill out some basic forms about yourself. This step helps to ensure that you get a massage that is tailored to your needs and helps the masseuse understand any injuries or physical limitations that you might have. It is probably a good idea to arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out these forms. More -->
Knee-Rub Massage Knee Rub

Knee-Rub Massage : Fast, Easy And Simple

Do You Have Knee Pain? Learn How a Knee-Rub Can Help You Get Relief. With all of the kneeling, walking and running that we do over our lifetime, it's no wonder that many people suffer from knee pain at some time or another. The knee is the biggest joint in the body and is one of the body's primary weight bearers. This means that when you stomp, run and jump, the knees take a brunt of all of this activity. More -->
Swedish Massage Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage, A Short History and Background

While most people think of Swedish massage as a way to relieve muscle tension, this method also enhances your overall health. The full-body Swedish massage focuses on all major muscle groups. It mostly uses long, gliding strokes that follow the direction of blood flowing to the heart. Its main objective is relaxation, but it offers numerous additional benefits as well. More -->
Spa Day Spa Day

How To Spend A Day In A Spa

The spa is a haven where you can unwind, enjoy yourself and come out feeling youthful and vibrant. In fact, many spas have such a wide range of soothing services that you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of options. But there is no need to stress! You can get the most out of a day at the spa; you just have to know which kind of each service is best for you. More -->
Whittle Your Middle Core Exercises

5 Core Exercises to Whittle Your Middle - Fitness - Video

The core of your body consists of a number of muscles that help to stabilize your body. When you strengthen your core, you end up strengthening areas like your butt, back and chest as well. There are certain core exercises that will not only help your posture and prevent lower back pain, but also help to tighten your stomach. More -->
Prevent Back Pain Back Pain

5 Moves to Prevent Back Pain - Fitness - Video

Back pain is a more common fitness issue than you might think, especially for those that spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk at work. In order to reduce the pain that you feel in your back, it's important that you strengthen your core. By doing so, you'll reduce the amount of strain that you put on your back. More -->
Fat Loss Tips Fat Loss Tips

3 Fat Loss Tips from Top Personal Trainers

For many people, fat loss is elusive. No matter how hard they try, they can't seem to lose fat. Fortunately, we can learn effective fat-loss strategies from the experts. Here are the top strategies recommended by some of the top personal trainers in the Denver area. Incorporate these things into your daily life and you will soon be shedding fat. More -->
Don't Stop Exercising Don't Stop Exercising

What Happens When You Stop Exercising?

Life sometimes gets in the way of working out, especially around the holidays. From now until New Year's Day, most people's schedules will be full with traveling, Christmas shopping and family outings. Many people just stop going to the gym during the holiday season. No matter the reason behind your hiatus from the gym, stopping your fitness routine will wreak havoc on your body. More -->
Stay Motivated Stay Motivated

Genius Ways Fitness Trainers Stay Motivated

Motivation can sometimes be hard to come by when it comes to staying in shape. It's easy to miss a day at the gym because it's too cold out or you're simply too tired. Issues of motivation don't just affect the general public, they affect fitness trainers as well. However, it's their job to exercise, which is why many fitness trainers find different ways to motivate themselves. More -->
Personal Training Personal Training

Is Personal Training For You?

While you could work out at the gym on your own, you may want to consider working with a personal trainer. Personal training can be incredibly beneficial, no matter what your current level of fitness. Not sure if personal training is right for you? The following are a few reasons why personal training is a investment into your health: More -->
Spa Treatments Spa Treatments

5 Best Spa Treatments

Although the temperatures are currently nice and warm in many areas in the United States, winter is coming. Whether you want to pamper yourself with a relaxing massage or replenish much-needed moisture to your skin, these spa treatments will help you feel like a new person. Warm up this winter with these top 5 spa treatments. More -->
Group Training Group Training

5 Advantages of Group Training

For most people, motivating yourself to work out numerous times a week can be a daunting task. For some, it is the struggle to get motivated to exercise. For others, it can be difficult to determine which exercise program is right for them. Regardless of the reason, it is very tempting to hit the snooze button and forego your workout routine. More -->
Day Spa Day Spa Services

De-stress this holiday season with Day Spa Services

While the holidays can be a joyful time of the year, this time of the year can also bring with it increased stress and tension. With all of the crowds, holiday shopping, and various events, it is no wonder that many people feel more stress during the holiday season. That is why it is so important to take care of yourself during the holidays. More -->