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XBike is a high intensity, cardiovascular workout routine. Matrix Fitness and Spa is equipped with stationary bikes and trainers who will push you to sweat, move, and meet your fitness goals! Biking works the leg and core muscles. It also is a great workout for your heart, therefore, allowing your body to burn fat cells fast!

What to Expect

This 1-hour class is similar to any other spinning or cycling class, the difference is the handlebars move to create a more realistic biking experience. XBike classes include a variety of sprint intervals, hill intervals, long-standing hills, and some techniques incorporate the arms.


XBike is a great way to build stamina and endurance. This will help with other cardio exercises and will also encourage the body to drop excess weight fast! This class has very little joint impact so is perfect for anyone who wants a heavy cardio workout without the damaging effects of running.

  • Josh – Mondays at 6 pm
  • Josh – Wednesdays at 6 am
  • Josh – Wednesdays at 12:15 pm
  • Josh – Thursdays at 6 am
  • Philippe – Saturdays at 9 am




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