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TRX, also known as Total Body Resistance, is a full body workout where you as the participant challenge yourself. TRX is suspension training and can be modified depending on how close or far you are from the anchor point. This circuit training-style class challenges you to take your strength training workouts to the next level. Suspension ropes force you to use your body weight as resistance. Timed sets keep your heart pumping as you power through reps at your own pace.

What to Expect

TRX is a circuit training workout that is intended to work the whole body. This class is 45 minutes long and we promise that everyone will be challenged when using their own body weight for strength training.


This class is great for all individuals at any fitness level. The TRX workout will help you gain balance, functionality, strength, and increase cardio. TRX is also known to work a full range of motion which lengthens muscles rather than building short bulky muscles, meaning you’ll walk away from the workout with a more lean look to your body.

  • Wilson – Mondays at 5:30 pm
  • Tyler – Thursdays at 5:15 pm




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