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The Barre Workout was created by professional ballerinas to encourage the development of the body’s small stabilizing muscles. The workout techniques focus on working smaller stabilizing muscles and is all about isometric movements along with small pulses concentrated on quads, hamstrings glutes and core

What to Expect

Our goal with our Barre Workout at Matrix is to give you an amazingly intense cardio workout that helps build your smaller muscles that are overlooked in other workouts. Our trainers incorporate, barre, floor, light weights, and Pilates balls to give our you a full body workout. We blend Sculpt with our Barre classes to create the ultimate toning workout. Trim your waist, tighten those thighs, lift those glutes and sculpt your arms as 60-mintes of strength training consisting of short muscle contractions will generate lasting results!


Barre workouts will help athletes gain better posture and functionality. It is also the perfect workout for clients who are pregnant, have a limited range of motion or need to improve their balance. Barre workout is great for anyone no matter their age, gender or body type!

  • Stephanie – Tuesdays at 6 pm
  • Stephanie – Thursdays at 6 pm


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