One of the best ways to prevent injury is to build a strong core. ABS is designed to do just that. This compact 30-minute class targets the entire abdominal area for a complete core strengthening workout.


This class is designed to create strong and lean muscle tone. The Barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. We blend Sculpt with our Barre classes to create the ultimate toning workout. Trim your waist, tighten those thighs, lift those glutes and sculpt your arms as 60-minutes of strength training consisting of short muscle contractions will generate lasting results!


Achieve results by using your own body weight to get awesome resistance training and build lean muscle mass. Similar in style to Mat Pilates, Body Weight Sculpt will help you get in shape, tone your body and lose weight.


Discover MX4 Small Group Training for a fresh, motivating exercise experience that delivers results you can see. Only MX4 combines the best in-class training tools with exciting workouts to help you improve cardiovascular fitness, power, strength and endurance in a way that’s right for your body and abilities. Whether you’re striving to shed a few pounds, enhance performance or improve overall fitness, MX4 will help you achieve more with a mix of personal trainer attention, camaraderie and challenging progressive workouts.


Want to take your cardio to the next level? Try this 30-minute treadmill interval training that will help build your cardiovascular endurance and get you super shredded for the summer!


This circuit training-style class challenges you to take your strength training workouts to the next level. Suspension ropes force you to use your body weight as resistance. Timed sets keep your heart pumping as you power through reps at your own pace.


Increase your cardio strength and endurance with a single piece of equipment. XBIKE allows you to engage your upper body and core as well as your legs. This total body cardio workout allows you to enjoy the natural movements of cycling indoors!


With an emphasis on strong movements, this class will lead you through a series of asanas (yoga postures) that are designed to increase your heart rate and strengthen muscles. A focus on breathing, alignment and stretching are also incorporated. New to yoga? Try Beginner Yoga on Sunday mornings for a program specifically tailored to the beginner yogi.


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