Though you might not think of the gym as a place driven by fine manners, there are several behavioral rules you should be aware of whenever you walk into one. For the most part, these rules are based on courtesy to other gym members and respect for the equipment and staff that make up your local gym. Here are 10 of the top gym etiquette tips you must follow when you decide to get some exercise.

Put Your Weights Back Where They Belong
If you’re weightlifting at the gym, chances are you’ll end up taking either dumbbells or barbell plates off of a rack. When you’re done with them, be sure to put them back in their proper places. Doing so makes it easier for other people to find the right equipment when they need it and for the staff to keep the weights organized.

Use Earphones for Your Music
Most people enjoy listening to music while they work out. What isn’t so enjoyable, however, is listening to another person’s music blaring out from a phone’s speaker. Using earphones to listen to your music lets you listen to what you want while you exercise without forcing it on the rest of the people around you.

Wash Your Gym Clothes
Too often, people go to the gym without a clean pair of exercise clothes. After a few intense workouts, the t-shirt and pair of shorts you wear to the gym will smell bad enough to be noticeable by the people around you. Rather than subjecting other patrons to this, take an hour to wash your gym clothes or have more than one change of clothes on hand.

Give People Adequate Space
Gyms can be crowded, especially during peak business hours. Despite this, it’s important to give people plenty of room in which to perform their workouts. Make sure you stand far enough away from people to give both them and yourself enough space.

Don’t Offer Unsolicited Advice
One of the most annoying things that can happen to you in the gym is having your workout interrupted by someone with suggestions for improving it. Even if you see someone working out in a way you personally don’t find effective, let that person be. Since you don’t know any other patron’s personal fitness goals or limitations, there’s no way of knowing whether or not your advice is even correct, let alone wanted.

Never Stare at Other Members
When you go to a gym, there’s a good chance you’ll see plenty of physically attractive people who have taken good care of their bodies. Remember, however, that both you and they are there to work out, not to stare at other peoples’ physiques. Staring at other gym members is both distracting and unsettling, so avoid getting into the habit.

Forget Gym Selfies
If you have fitness-minded friends on social media, chances are you see your fair share of gym selfies. As common as self-photography at the gym has become, it’s a habit that can be annoying to other people and which you should avoid during your time there. There is also a strong possibility that other patrons can end up in your selfies unknowingly. Some fitness clubs have even gone so far as to ban selfies to address these issues.

Wipe Down Benches and Machines
When you work out with intensity, you sweat. For this reason, you should always make a point of wiping down the benches and machines you use while performing resistance exercises. A basic wiping down will keep these pieces of equipment sanitary and clean for the next user.

Respect Gym Rules and Staff
Though the etiquette rules on this list apply at every gym, most gyms will have their own proprietary rules as well. Be sure to understand and follow these rules at all times. You should also make a point of being courteous to the staff at your local gym, as they put in a great deal of work to keep it running for you and the other members.

Don’t Drop Your Dumbbells
One of the most common pet peeves among gym patrons is the small but annoying group of people who drop their dumbbells rather than setting them down when they have finished a set of lifts. Dropping your dumbbells is disruptive, unnecessary and can cause damage to the floor and equipment. Most gyms have actual rules against dropping dumbbells, but it still happens fairly frequently. If you’re going to lift with dumbbells, be sure to set them down properly when you’re finished.